Why we strongly believe in the force of end-user support

Why We Strongly Believe in the Force of End User Support Auxility

Over the past few years, we noticed an increased demand for End User Support. But… the way End User Support needs to be tackled, differs in many aspects from the approach to IT Infrastructure Support. End users are in most cases not technically qualified, don’t understand the specialist jargon, and quickly want a solution to […]

Microsoft’s Future Plans on Authentication With an Active Directory

LDAP Microsoft

Microsoft wouldn’t be Microsoft if there wasn’t a new update very soon. However, this one deserves just that little bit more attention. Safety first, you know. Where’s it’s all about in a nutshell: thus far it was possible to authenticate with an Active Directory (manages an individuals’ rights, e.g.: access to your mailbox) both in […]

How Microsoft will change the storage of email signatures

Microsoft Storage Email Signatures

As everyone knows, email signatures in Outlook for Windows are so far stored locally. They roam around, as it were, on different devices. But…Microsoft intends to change the way email signatures are saved. Let’s get this straight! The change By implementing a brand new feature, Microsoft aims to store email signatures in the user’s inbox, rather […]