Automated patch management saves time and gives us peace of mind

customer case: BEDDELEEM automated patch management saves time and gives us peace of mind The construction sector is also more frequently choosing the path of digitization. But of course, this technological evolution should not come at the expense of security.  This is the main reason why the construction company Beddeleem has decided to collaborate with […]

Interview with Mykhaylo

Interview with Mykhaylo END-USER Support Learn things by doing them, interact with your environment in order to adapt and learn. And that’s how Mykhaylo must have thought about it. After several years of education, he decided to stop his studies and embarked on an adventure, looking for a challenging job. And so he finally ended […]

Interview with Jurgen

Interview with Jurgen Microsoft Support Specialist Jurgen Campforts started out at Auxility as an intern and never left. By jumping through different teams and roles, he developed into an indispensable member of our team.   Read all about his journey in this article! The start Before he came to Cronos, Jurgen already had some IT […]

Interview with Guy

Interview with Guy

Interview with Guy senior Microsoft consultant Guy’s final stop of a packed professional career A rich career, packed with lots of exciting jobs and projects. It describes, in a nutshell, the business journey of Guy. Could he still be surprised with a professional challenge? Well, Auxility succeeded with gusto. How? Read on! A 30-year career […]