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IT Support

Customer centricity is key. It’s our objective to deliver support in such a way the customer has a positive and satisfying user experience.

How do we excel
in IT Support

End-user IT Support

End-user support

First and second line support for end users with key focus on quality and velocity.

Server IT Support

Server support

Adequate support for your Windows server environment.

Setup of Teams-proof meeting rooms, an excellent VoIP experience guaranteed!

Support is our middle name

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Worry-free IT Support

Velocity and flexibility are key in our philosophy. We provide support both inside and outside office hours and our customers have 24/7 access to a user-friendly tool where they can ask questions and the required assistance.

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We aim for transparency and clarity, always avoiding an overload of technical information. Auxility makes itself approachable and accessible. Customers are helped with information that is understandable to them and that they can use immediately.

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No one-size-fits all

We provide support customized to the personal knowledge and needs of our customers. On top, our customers are always helped by a consultant they already know. By means of this, we’re able to create a unique customer experience’ in which trust and the human touch are central.

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