patch management


What is a patch?

If flaws are detected in an already released software they can be patched through a software patch. A patch is thus an adjustment in production software to clean bugs and errors or to create improvements in security.

For a long time security patches were not that important, since a few years we notice a shift in perception has occurred. Big companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple release new security updates on a frequent basis. For Microsoft there is the Patch Tuesday every month.

Patch Management

What is patch management?

Patch management is a part of the maintenance of servers and computers. It includes receiving, testing, and installing patches on maintained systems.

Patch management is a process that controls the way patches are installed in the environment.

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Patch Management


patch management

Keeping track of the different patches for hard- and software can be a tedious, time consuming, frustrating and sometimes endless demotivating task.  However, organizations no longer have the choice not to stay updated with the latest hot fixes.  Why?  Let us dive deeper into the 3 main reasons:


Security - We are vulnerable!

We all know, hackers love security flaws.  More often we are being notified of organizations facing tremendous damage when hackers have sneaked their way into your IT environment.

Generally motivated by monetary gains, very important data get either stolen or leaked, activities are being monitored or the entire IT infrastructure is taken hostage by encryption.

Security Patches prevent these vulnerabilities from lingering in your environment or from being exposed to the outside world.  Let’s face it, why take the risk?


Business – Protect your customers!

Customers are one of our most precious assets.  Why not protect them as such?!  

By securing your IT landscape we can prevent customer data from being captured and abused, valuable client information from being exposed, and your own business’s credibility and trustworthiness from being affected.

Allow yourselves to emerge stronger as a company and show your qualities by keeping up with a safe and confident security patch approach.

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Support - Can you help us?

An essential prerequisite for system reliability is the correct level of expertise, pro-activeness and when things go completely wrong: support!  In complex situations assistance from your vendor can be a crucial step forward to success.  

However, vendors do have their own set of requirements.  Being up to date with the latest security patches is often one of them.

In order to ensure the continuity of your services with efficient and qualitative IT management, security patching is an absolute condition.

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Patch Management As A Service

The need for proper Patch Management is larger than ever.
Organizations no longer have the choice to stay behind on crucial security updates.  

Being an innovative managed services provider, Auxility offers several patch management service packages, each matching your specific requirements and suiting your individual needs.

Patch Management

various flavors



Install & Deploy
Adding additional sites
Initial patching round
Automatic deployment security patches
Manual deployment of security patches

5 servers and/or 25 computers

Everything from Basic
Including rollback of failed patch, if supported by patch

20 servers and/or 50 computers

Everything from Standard
Continuous check of critical services before and after patch installation on servers

30 servers and/or 50 computers



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