end-user support



End users are not always IT specialists.

Communication and expectations reside on a whole different level. Auxility has designed an End User Support Servicedesk, operating with a specific focus on end user experience.

By providing a zone of comfort in which technical jargon, endless call forwarding, and complicated requests are out of frame, your end users will be happy to get touch!


servicedesk platform

The number of existing ITSM Platforms is endless.

Auxility operates with a carefully selected Servicedesk tool based on its user friendly and low-level entry approach.

Provided in your users’ language of choice (NL-FR-EN), you’ll have 24h/day direct access to our support desk portal.


of our excellent end-user support

pro-active support

How perfect would it be if problems would be noticed and resolved, even before your users need to contact support. Making use of artificial intelligent monitoring, we can exceed expectations when it comes to a worry-free end user support experience.

onsite as well as remote

Our engineers are at your disposal.
Where and when is fully up to you! Whether it is via our remote service desk or locally in person when expertise is needed onsite, we will be where you need us to be.

user satisfaction

User experience is key.

Therefore, we provide each user the ability to give feedback on the support they have received, at all times!
Continuous improvement is what makes a partnership work and leads to a successful cooperation.




Auxility has registered partnerships with various hardware vendors, allowing us to be a valued collaborator and experienced partner for your projects or day to day hardware lifecycle activities!




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