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Keeping track of new technologies, developments and features while focusing on your daily server management operations and internal project executions is a tedious and highly demanding task.

More and more, customers rely on IT-specialists to unburden their IT-staff in the management of their infrastructure, support in complex projects or guarantee the all-time availability of high-qualified engineers.

support is our middle name

microsoft specialists

Microsoft Server technology is our specialization! Going from simple server workloads till advanced or clustered server environments, various servers roles (database, exchange, web, …) or more complex setups (PKI, Data deduplication, …), we are here to help you!


Our Backend specialists regularly perform projects around different areas like: O365 migrations, DC upgrades, PKI assessments and upgrades, Azure and backup services.

pro-activity is key

in server management

The best way to tackle problems is to prevent them from happening.

That is why we offer a range of services to make sure your servers are maintained well:


Using extensive monitoring of your server environment allows the slightest anomaly or
unexpected behavior to be instantly alerted and investigated.

server maintenance

Trend investigation, execution of best practices and periodic maintenance are the key to make sure that servers continue to perform well and stay healthy

Patch Management

server patching

Through our additional Patch Management as a Service we can facilitate the patching of
your servers in a highly automated way.


is a partnership

Your needs are our concern.

From reactive specialist support till complete worry-free server environment management, our team is ready to provide you with our services, tailored to your specific demands and situation.

solutions for

ON-premise, Hybrid Or cloud

Every setup has its advantages, strengths, and weaknesses.

However, it is not always easy to stay on top of all changes in the market and how this might affect your existing or future setup.

Auxility gladly assists you in this journey and will support you regardless of your environmental choice of preference.


service improvement

As our customers’ business evolve, so does technology and services.

By following up on our customers’ satisfaction throughout the different touch points of our services, the customer experience is continuously monitored and reviewed, and optimizations and improvements established.




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