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Why does password management matter?

  • Weak and reused passwords put your online accounts at risk of getting hacked.
  • If you don’t manage your passwords, you’ll likely use weak passwords or reuse passwords that are already known on the dark web.
  • Cybercriminals can easily hack or figure out weak passwords.
  • To keep your passwords safe and secure, you should use a password manager.


What is a weak password?

  • A weak password is one that is easy for cybercriminals to crack or guess.
  • Weak passwords are frequently less than 12 characters long, contain dictionary words or personal information, and lack a mix of capital and lowercase letters, symbols, and digits.


How can you manage your passwords?

  • Use a password manager to store all your passwords in one secure place.
  • For each of your online accounts, make sure to use strong passwords.
  • Only use unique passwords, never recycle
  • Change or alter your passwords regularly.


Why is it important to manage your passwords?

  • Managing passwords is your fortress against online threats.
  • Say goodbye to weak passwords and recycling nightmares.
  • Centralize and effortlessly access all your passwords across different websites.
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