Stop Wasting Time on Manual Security Checks – We Automate M365 Security for You!

Many IT admins like yourself struggle with checklists and time-consuming processes for deploying security baselines and tracking configuration changes. Our M365 Governance service tackles this head-on, automating security baselines, configuration tracking, and ongoing monitoring.


Focus on Strategic Initiatives, We’ll Handle the Day-to-Day!

Our team of experts uses the M365 Governance service to:

  • Effortless set & maintain Security Baselines:

    Well-thought-out IT policies help improve organizational efficiency by streamlining processes, ensuring users have the right access to the right resources, and improving security by preventing unauthorized access to data and systems. This can be done by implementing policies for software management, device management, and other governance tasks


  • Monthly deviation Reporting: Say goodbye to manual checks comparing your current state to our baseline. You’ll receive detailed and explanatory reports highlighting any deviations, allowing for proactive response and remediation.


  • Simplified Compliance: Maintaining compliance becomes a breeze. After defining baselines, the tool automatically syncs daily, identifying any non-compliant configurations. Reconciling these differences is quick and easy, ensuring consistent security across all your tenants.


  • Streamlined Lifecycle Management: Test new configurations in a safe, replica environment before pushing them to production. M365 Governance Tooling integrates with Azure DevOps, enabling controlled rollouts and ensuring all changes are reviewed before implementation. Baseline replicas are saved across development and production environments, minimizing inconsistencies.


  • Multi-Tenant Management for MSPs: Standardize your security approach! Define a single, robust security baseline and effortlessly apply it to all your clients’ Microsoft 365 tenants. This ensures consistency and reduces security risks across your entire client base. M365 Governance Tooling also automates daily monitoring, notifying you of any configuration drift for proactive problem-solving.


M365 Governance: Proactive Security, Reduced Risk, Increased Efficiency

Our M365 Governance service goes beyond just a tool. We offer a comprehensive approach to simplify and automate your M365 security management, allowing you to:

  • Maintain a proactive and efficient security posture for all your Microsoft 365 tenants.
  • Adapt to Microsoft’s updates with agility while upholding the highest security standards in a controlled environment.


Ready to experience exceptional security services with greater efficiency and reduced risk?

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