Lansweeper integrations

The last few days, a number of new integrations with Lansweeper were announced.

As a business you not only need visibility into your IT assets but also effective cybersecurity measures. Managing those aspects separately can be cumbersome, hence the new integrations. Besides that, Modern IT environments are complex, with on-premises systems, cloud services, mobile devices, and IoT devices, creating numerous entry points for attackers. This in turn overwhelms IT security teams by the sheer volume of vulnerability data.

Check out the new Lansweeper integrations:


  • What it is: ThreatAware is a platform that helps organizations see and manage all their IT assets and security tools, improving their overall security and compliance.
  • Advantages of the integration:
    • Complete and Accurate Asset Inventory: Gain real-time visibility of all devices on your network, including those not discovered by traditional methods.
    • Enhanced Security Posture: Identify and address security vulnerabilities associated with specific devices and ensure your security controls are properly deployed.
    • Streamlined Management: Manage both asset data and security insights from a single dashboard, simplifying workflows and decision-making.



  • what it is: DeepSurface Analyzes vulnerability data from Lansweeper and other sources, prioritizing security risks and offering remediation workflows.
  • Advantages of the integration: the integration can significantly improve the cybersecurity posture of your company by providing a centralized view of assets and vulnerabilities and enabling efficient threat management and other benefits:
    • Improved Threat Detection: Gain a comprehensive picture of your threat landscape by combining asset inventory with vulnerability analysis.
    • Prioritized Risk Management: DeepSurface prioritizes security issues based on severity and potential impact, allowing teams to focus on the most critical threats first.
    • Streamlined Workflows: Automatic remediation workflows suggested by DeepSurface can save time and effort for security teams.
    • Increased Efficiency: Consolidated data and insights from both platforms enhance decision-making and resource allocation.


Lansweeper offers a wide range of integrations across various categories such as analytics, cybersecurity, ITAM, ITOM, ITSM, SAM, service desk, and SIEM/SOAR.

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