Automated patch management saves time and gives us peace of mind

customer case: BEDDELEEM automated patch management saves time and gives us peace of mind The construction sector is also more frequently choosing the path of digitization. But of course, this technological evolution should not come at the expense of security.  This is the main reason why the construction company Beddeleem has decided to collaborate with […]

Teams direct routing at UNMS

customer case: UNMS team direct routing at unms “Extend our current PSTN solution without causing an internal landslide”. That’s how you could briefly describe the question UNMS presented to us. A nice challenge and a great example of how we configured a PSTN extension in a cost-effective and user-friendly way. Read the entire story!” Extend […]

The modern workplace

customer case: Koning Boudewijnsticting the modern workplace How The King Baudouin Foundation workforce became a full mobile entity The road to digital transformation Let’s start with a closer look at the bigger picture. At the end of 2018, King Baudouin Foundation decided to embark on a complete digital transformation. A full roadmap was created, defining several tracks to […]