Lansweeper Invests in MSP Support, Unveiling New Tools and Services.

Lansweeper, a leader in Technology Asset Intelligence, announces significant investments in managed service provider (MSP) support. This initiative aims to empower them with the tools and resources needed to leverage Lansweeper’s IT asset discovery and inventory solutions effectively.

Key highlights include:

  • Enhanced channel team: Additional specialists devoted to MSP needs.
  • Flexible pricing: Pay-as-you-go model for MSPs.
  • Unified management: New multi-site portal for centralized asset oversight.
  • Tailored resources: Additional resources designed specifically for MSPs.


The Need for MSPs:

IT departments grapple with cybersecurity threats, digital transformation, cloud adoption, data management, and evolving regulations like GDPR and NIS 2. This complexity drives organizations to seek MSP expertise. The MSP market is expected to reach nearly $380 billion by 2027, reflecting this growing need.

Lansweeper’s Value Proposition:

Lansweeper’s solution provides a comprehensive data foundation for various IT scenarios.

By discovering all IT, OT, IoT, and cloud assets, MSPs can:

  • Deliver accurate proposals to clients.
  • Accelerate sales cycles with faster environment understanding.
  • Reduce project risks.
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling services like asset management and cybersecurity, generating additional revenue.
  • Streamline proof-of-concept experiences with easy deployment and use.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing tools used by MSPs.


Introducing the Multi-Site Management Portal:

This new portal empowers MSPs to group clients for a unified view of crucial asset data across all their locations.

Key features include:

  • Access, filtering, and export of data.
  • Swift issue identification and remediation.
  • Aggregated billing.
  • Cross-customer reporting.
  • Patch Tuesday reports.
  • Custom views.
  • Hardware/software lifecycle reporting.
  • Anti-virus reporting.


Enhanced Flexibility with Pay-as-you-go Licensing:

This new model allows MSPs to pay monthly based on the number of assets scanned at each client location. This eliminates volume commitments and simplifies cost management.

Lansweeper is committed to supporting MSPs with innovative solutions and resources. These investments solidify their dedication to the MSP community.

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