Our Strategic Partnership With Lansweeper

The costliest mistake of any digital transformation project is to start without knowing what assets are involved. Lansweeper helps Auxility to map out your IT environment before any transformation starts, by providing a centralized Asset System of Record.

Why Lansweeper?

Within minutes of deploying Lansweeper’s agentless software, accurate and complete data on your environment is available in a dashboard. In addition to eliminating the blind spots in your IT environment, Lansweeper helps:

  1. Boost productivity by automating recurring tasks like record-keeping and reporting.
  2. Improve security by identifying risks, vulnerabilities and compliance concerns.
  3. Reduce costs by identifying underutilized devices and licenses and enabling reliable budgetary planning.


In addition to eliminating the blind spots in your IT environment, Lansweeper helps:

• Infrastructure: whether your servers are on-premises, virtualized or in a public cloud, Lansweeper tells you what you have and how it’s being used.
• Devices: from desktops to printers to mobile devices, anything that is connected to your network is inventoried in Lansweeper.
• Software: from M365 to Adobe and more, Lansweeper tells you what you have and where it’s being used.
• Users: by scanning Active Directory, Lansweeper completes the circle of information by connecting the dots between devices, software and users.

What is Lansweeper?

Lansweeper is a tool developed in Belgium to help the IT department to collect information about devices on the network and their status. With this information an IT-department can deliver a higher quality of support.

1. Discovery

Lansweeper can scan devices in 2 ways:

• Lansweeper uses a wide range of scanning protocols. Devices are scanned through: WMI, SNMP, MIB, or any known API-connector to retrieve as much information as possible.
• It uses an agent that can be installed on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine to send the information to the main Lansweeper server. This method can be used on clients that are not that much on-site.

2. Inventory

Lansweeper gives information about performance monitoring, uptime information, event log information, all components of the computer with their specific information and also a history tab to see the differences relative to the previous scans, etc. License information is also gathered.

3. Analytics & Reporting

Lansweeper has a set of +500 reports built in and with their open SQL-standard it is possible to adjust these report or create new ones. It is also possible to save your own created reports. This way you can filter and cross-reference all the information found on the network. When viewing the report in the tool it is possible to filter, sort and search.

What’s in it for you?

We at Auxility use Lansweeper as a tool to improve our service for your environment.

• It is an advanced automated CI collection tool with easy to export possibilities.
• It is a tool to check environments on updates in hardware or software versions.
• It is a (lightweight) software distribution tool.
• It is a (lightweight) license compliance tool.

Lansweeper counts the installation numbers and can give a quick estimate of the needed licenses. This way you are always compliant.