Interview with Jurgen

Microsoft Support Specialist

Auxility IT Support

Jurgen Campforts started out at Auxility as an intern and never left.

By jumping through different teams and roles, he developed into an indispensable member of our team.


Read all about his journey in this article!

The start

Before he came to Cronos, Jurgen already had some IT experience, working at organisations like Cisco Systems, and offering support at a non-tech company. As he felt triggered by technology and wanted to know more, he went back to school.
When the time came to choose an internship, Jurgen was persuaded to choose Auxility because they offered him immediate experience as opposed to first spending time on the bench. He was eager to learn on the job, which is exactly what he did and how he grew and advanced at Auxility!
If you’ve met Jurgen, you might’ve noticed that he’s an excellent communicator.
He picked up quite some tricks when spending time on a project at BASF, being the bridge between their IT gurus and application owners. As they don’t usually speak the same (technical) language Jurgen made sure nothing got lost in translation and everyone stayed on the same page. Not an easy feat!
When he noticed that he’d enjoy working in an executing team again, he asked to return to Auxility. Since then, he’s back at our offices, this time as part of our Server Support Team

Variety aplenty

As Auxility aims to provide its people with challenges and projects they like, Jurgen now enjoys short-term assignments and tasks in as many different environments as possible.


Learning from as many different settings as possible provides him with the reassurance that he’ll never get stuck in a status quo when it comes to his knowledge. Always keep on learning, that’s his motto. 

The variety that this way of working delivers is another part of the job that makes his role so interesting to him. When asked what makes him get up in the morning, he states that it’s the aspect of never knowing how the day will shape up to be

Never not learning

On quiet days he’s glad to be able to catch up on the newest technologies. As his job often requires him to investigate and figure out where and why certain problems arise, he makes sure to study as frequently as possible to stay on top of things.


The nice thing about being part of Cronos’ ecosystem, he says, is being able to count on colleagues from other companies to help him out. Aside from the technical part, it’s also nice to get to know one another and to return the favour when they come calling for help.

That organic way of sharing knowledge is important to Jurgen. If only, it makes sure that when one person falls ill, others can continue the good work. His prior experience comes in handy more than once: communication is key in working together after all, and that’s not always easy to accomplish.


He’s proud to say that it has become one of his fortes, taking up that bridging role between IT professionals and end users who don’t have as much technical know-how.

Incidentally, Jurgen is currently also studying for Microsoft exams. At this moment, he’s got Windows 10 certificates and he’s working on other ones, such as Azure and Hybrid Environments.


Learning is encouraged by Auxility by offering employees a training budget; one of the things that keeps Jurgen very happy to be here!

Here to stay

If it’s up to Jurgen, he’ll be here for a long time, he says! Especially the bond with his colleagues is particularly strong and the variety of his days keeps him on his toes. 

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